Mary, Mother of God



A beautiful 19th century Russian icon from a small country church.  Mary, the Mother of God, surrounded by the Christ and the Saints.

20cm x 29cm   £300

Summer Bathers, a 19th c French oil on panel

This bucolic scene, set outside a French village, is a naive painting by an unknown French artist. Small, hardy, unvarnished and unframed, it makes a sensible lavatory reminder to rebellious children that they occasionally have to wash. 26cm x 24cm x 1



A Woman in Black


A large, mid-19th portrait of an unknown woman in black, wearing gold jewellery.  Oil on canvas, cleaned, restored and unframed.

75.5cm x 63cm.                    


A Farmyard in Winter

A bucolic 17th century winter scene of ancient England.  This beautifully realized old painting is approximately fifty years old. Large oil on canvas in gold frame.


118cm x 78cm, framed.  Unclear signature.



A Hunter and his Catch


A large and traditional oil-on-canvas by an unknown Victoria era painter, depicting a country hunting scene, in a solid, lightly gilded wooden frame. 116cm x 74cm.


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